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Providing Immigration Services for Indians

You could conceive of providing immigration services, helping people with US immigration, in many different ways. One way is to be all things to all people, provide every service to everyone. Some attorneys do that, and that is described as a “general immigration” practice. Another way is to specialize in a limited set of immigration services. Again, some attorneys only provide services to businesses, like employment visas. Other attorneys just help people who are in removal proceedings in Immigration Court, the US is trying to deport you back to your country, remove you from the US. For our part, we focus of visas for family members, or family based immigration. We also provide visas for religious organizations.

Besides providing immigration services on the basis a subset of the possible range of services, you can also specialize in providing services to particular clients. That is us. We choose to provide services to those clients from India. In our experience, India has special challenges due to the way visas are provided by country in the US. Many preference categories are backed up for India, particularly in the employment category.

We look forward to helping you. If you have questions, you can get-in-touch.