Our Mission & Motto

Our Mission

To provide individuals, families, employers and employees with the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies; to support the immigrant community with helpful information and resources; to honorably serve the profession, and continue to uphold the ethical standards of the profession; and to educate the public on the issues in immigration laws in USA, and prevent them from falling in to traps of unscrupulous elements of society, who is engaged in unauthorized practice of law (UPL). We provide individual attention to each client’s case..

Our Motto

It is “Justice is being served to the Asian community” driven by the passion of India Immigration USA. Being an immigrant initially and now a US citizen for more than 17 years, he understands the anxieties and the steps our clients have to go through before they can gain permanent resident status, and to merge with the American society.  We strive to provide them with successful results by considering all appropriate, creative options, enabling them to realize their dreams of living and working in the United States. We strive to give the best out of our talents, experience and services to our clients.
In order to achieve our goal, we keep pace with rapidly changing immigration laws and growing public expectations by continuously updating our knowledge and placing ourselves at the constantly expanding frontier of immigration issues. We actively engage in lobbying for pro-immigration legislation through the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).
We at the Law Offices of Lal Varghese, PLLC, takes personal interest in each case and client, and make sure that high quality professional services are provided to the immigrants. Our fees are very low when compared to other law firms for the same work. We also provide installment payment plans for those who are qualified. We always charge a flat fee based upon review of each case, and will provide you with a written contract for rendering our services including the fee to be charged in each matter being represented by this law firm.